Winter Gutter Care & Maintenance

Winter can be very hard on your home and especially on your gutters. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures and snow – it can be even worse. Learn what it takes to help care for and maintain your gutters during the winter to prevent expensive problems or accidents from happening.

What Happens To Your Gutters In Winter

If you did not have your gutters cleaned in the fall after all of the leaves have fallen, your gutters will be clogged with debris. This means that water cannot flow through the gutters and downspouts and be carried away from your home as it was intended to. The water trapped in your gutters during the winter can freeze. This causes two things to happen:

  1. Water from your roof will flow over the top of the ice and not go into the gutters. The water can come from melting snow or rain. Either way, the water is now overflowing the gutters and falling down onto your house, landscaping, and leaking into your basement or crawl space. It will probably freeze wherever it falls too, making for a dangerously icy surface around your home.
  2. The ice in your gutters will expand and cause problems. Just like water in an exposed metal pipe, frozen water in your gutters will expand and push apart seams and joints causing leaks and damage later on. It can cause your gutters to be pushed away from hangers too which could make the whole section fall off.

How To Prevent Ice Problems With Your Gutters

The key to preventing ice problems with your gutters is to have your gutters cleaned before winter weather and freezing temperatures settle into your area. That way any water, from melting snow for example, can simply flow into the gutters and be carried away properly.

It is very difficult to clear ice from gutters once the temperatures get below freezing so it is very important that if you have gutters and you live in an area like this that you have your gutters professionally cleaned and checked beforehand.

You can also take steps to reduce the accumulation of snow and ice on your roof with insulation, better ventilation, heating systems, and more. A professional roofer in your area will know how.

Learn more about ice dams and snow on you roof from the experts at State Farm here. Having your gutters professionally cleaned and checked is where Mr. Gutter Cleaner can help. Get a quote or call (877) 353-9251 today for your personalized pricing without an appointment or home visit and get scheduled for our expert local gutter cleaning service.