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Mr Gutter Cleaner – The Trusted Name For Gutter cleaning in Toledo since 2014.

Protecting homes from the damage rainfall brings about is what we do. Trust Mr Gutter Cleaner for the maintenance of all of your Rain gutter systems.

Gutter maintenance is critical for shielding your property against roof leaks, foundation problems and home siding damage caused by overflowing gutters. Routine clearing of debris from gutters and downspouts guarantees the proper functioning of your gutter and downspout system and protect against costly repairs.

Gutters are produced to funnel rainwater safely from the roof and far from the structure's foundation. When gutters are blocked or obstructed with impacted debris, they fall short in this indispensable function and the likelihood of very expensive water damage increases. on it's website states: "Water damage consistently ranks among the most common causes of home insurance claims".

Keeping your gutters clean and in good repair is fundamental to the structural health of your home. Unfortunately, this is a job best entrusted to the experts, as working at roof height is unsafe, and do it yourself cleaning hardly ever produces acceptable results.

Toledo’s #1 Gutter Cleaning Provider

Let our expert team at Mr Gutter Cleaner keep you safe and obtain the outcome you want! We specialize solely in gutter cleaning services. Our 9 years of experience and proficiency ensure that when you delegate us with the care of your roof drainage system, you can be confident in the protection of your home against the damage caused by stoppages and clogging.

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Commercial and residential guttering expertly cleaned at your convenience!

At Mr. Gutter cleaner we have the competence and experience to take care of your gutter maintenance needs for almost any property type, including the following:

  • One story homes
  • Two story homes
  • Three story homes
  • Apartment complexes
  • Business complexes
  • Industrial buildings
  • Condos and associations

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From beginning to end, Mr. Gutter Cleaner takes the struggle out of having your gutters cleaned out.

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Toledo gutter cleaning

Cost of Gutter Cleaning in Toledo

The cost of gutter cleaning in Toledo varies based upon the numbers of stories of the building and the total length of guttering to be cleaned out. Our rates vary between from $155 for a single-story home under 1,500 Square feet to $343 for a 3-story home of 3000 square feet. The final price of gutter cleaning isn't something that can be known without more details about the distinct property, but these will, at least, give some typical standards that can be utilized to get an idea of the expense of Gutter cleaning in Toledo.

One Story Homes

Small Homes Starts At $160.00
Medium Homes Starts At $190.00
Large Homes Starts at $203.00
Very Large Homes Starts At $259.00

Two Story Homes

Three Story Homes

Do you  provide any discounts?

Yes. Discounts from 5% -20% are offered for seniors, veterans, and frequent users of our routine cleaning company.

At Mr. Gutter Cleaner, we value each and every client; with this in mind, we crafted our Rain gutter cleaning maintenance program to give rewarding discounts for multiple cleanings within one year.

It's our way of saying thank you for your continuing loyalty!

First Gutter Cleaning – 5% off

Second Gutter Cleaning – 10% off

Third Gutter Cleaning – 15% off

Fourth Gutter Cleaning– 20% off

What forms of payment do you accept?

What Areas of Toledo Do You Service? 

We clean out gutters in Toledo and near the surrounding areas including:

Alvada, Alvordton, Arcadia, Archbold, Bascom, Bellevue, Belmore, Benton Ridge, Berkey, Bettsville, Bloomdale, Bowling Green, Bradner, Burgoon, Carey, Castalia, Clay Center, Clyde, Colton, Curtice, Custar, Cygnet, Defiance, Delta, Deshler, Dunbridge, Elmore, Evansport, Fayette, Findlay, Flat Rock, Fostoria, Fremont, Genoa, Gibsonburg, Grand Rapids, Graytown, Green Springs, Grelton, Gypsum, Hamler, Harbor View, Haskins, Helena, Holgate, Holland, Hoytville, Isle Saint George, Jerry City, Jewell, Kansas, Kelleys Island, Kunkle, Lacarne, Lakeside Marblehead, Leipsic, Lemoyne, Liberty Center, Lindsey, Luckey, Lyons, Malinta, Martin, Maumee, Mc Clure, Mc Comb, Mc Cutchenville, Melmore, Metamora, Middle Bass, Millbury, Miller City, Milton Center, Monclova, Napoleon, Neapolis, New Bavaria, New Riegel, North Baltimore, Northwood, Oak Harbor, Old Fort, Oregon, Pemberville, Perrysburg, Pettisville, Port Clinton, Portage, Put In Bay, Republic, Ridgeville Corners, Risingsun, Rocky Ridge, Rossford, Rudolph, Sandusky, Stony Ridge, Stryker, Swanton, Sylvania, Tiffin, Toledo, Tontogany, Van Buren, Vanlue, Vickery, Walbridge, Waterville, Wauseon, Wayne, West Millgrove, West Unity, Weston, Whitehouse, Williston, Woodville

Zip Codes


Downtown Toledo, Old West End, Southside, Glendale Heatherdowns, West Toledo, Reynolds Corners, Ottawa, Wernerts Corners, Point Place, Bancroft Hills, DeVeaux, Whitmer Trilby, Lagrange, Beverly, Mellwood, Warren Sherman, Five Points, Auburn Delaware, Olde Towne, North Towne, Air Line Junction, La Onda, Roosevelt, Scott Park, Auburndale, Southwyck, ONYX, Center City


Is Mr Gutter Cleaner Fully Insured?

Mr. Gutter Cleaner operates a network of vendors throughout the nation. Each provider is accountable for carrying his own liability insurance coverage against damage to your home and personal injury and certifies this is true in our contract with them. They are likewise required to follow all federal, state and local licensing guidelines.

You can book our professional gutter cleaning service with peace of mind!

Are Mr Gutter Cleaner’s Technicians Experienced?

Yes, all our service technicians are trained to the highest standard and very knowledgeable. Our crew ensure that every job is performed with utmost care and precision to fulfill your property's specific maintenance needs.

Can You Clean Both the Inside and Outside of the Gutters?

Yes, that can be done. However, our main services is a practical one instead of a visual one. We clear the gutters and downspouts (to ground level) and flush them out by using water or air pressure to ensure appropriate water flow. If exterior cleaning services are desired, this would be an extra charge and depends techs availability.

Mr Gutter Cleaner’s Proprietary Process: Flowforce

We use a proprietary environment-friendly cleaning method called FlowForce which ensures a superior clean while employing less water!

Here's a look at our process:

  • Debris Removal: Substantial debris and grime is taken out from the gutter channels working with hand tools, vacuums or blowers.
  • Downspout Cleaning: Downspouts are checked for obstructions and cleared of stoppages.
  • Gutter and Downspout Flushing: The entire system is flushed using our FlowForce procedure to clear any residual gunk and guarantee optimal water flow.
  • Inspection: The roof drainage system is examined for drips, damage and wear. Any small problems will be detected and repairs required will be mentioned.
  • Exterior Clean (Optional):The exterior of the system is cleaned utilizing our FlowForce system to leave your gutters and downspouts shining
  • Debris Disposal: All debris is picked up, bagged and removed from the site and disposed of in accordance with Toledo's local regulations and standards or it can be mixed into other lawn debris for composting.

11 major benefits of Periodic Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance.

  • Minimizes the risk of roof damage triggered by water ingress.
  • Protects against rainwater damage to roof, siding and foundation.
  • Lowers danger of rot and mold growth on siding and fascia boards.
  • Minimizes landscape erosion by efficiently diverting rainwater.
  • Prevents water staining to the home's exterior.
  • Decreases danger of foundation and structural damage triggered by water pooling.
  • Prevents mold and mildew development caused by wet conditions.
  • Helps prevent ice dam development. Ice dams increase the danger of water backing up on the roof and trickling into the property, resulting in damage and safety concerns.
  • Reduces pest infestations, including mosquitoes, rodents and birds by eliminating standing water and natural debris accumulation.
  • Extends gutter and downspout lifespan by minimizing oxidation, rusting and warping of the structural material.
  • Preserves curb appeal and property value.

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Important Facts About Guttering and Downspouts

What Creates Clogged Gutters?

Clogging and blockages to guttering are brought on by debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt building up in the gutter channels and downspouts. This organic debris prevents proper water flow and causes rainwater to back up in the gutter system. You should always be proactive and vigilant to keep your roof drain system working proficiently.

How Do I Know My Gutters Are Clogged?

Visual signs of clogging in gutters and downspouts include the following:

  1. Rainwater overruning from the guttering.Sagging or detachment of gutters from the building wall.
  2. Sagging or detachment of gutters from the building wall.
  3. Plants Growing on the roof line or in the gutters.
  4. Wet Basement.
  5. Existence of insects in or around the roof drainage system.

Be sure to keep gutters clean and free of blockages to ward off the damage brought on by gutter blockages.

How Frequently Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

In her article on, Melissa Locker reports:Cleaning gutters should be done twice a year–once in spring and once in the fall”.

  • When your home is surrounded by trees.
  • When situated in regions with recurring storms, high winds, or heavy rainfall.
  • When birds or pests are nesting in your guttering.
  • When your property has a history of clogging issues.

To diminish the danger of substantial debris entering the guttering, gutter guards or screens can be installed.

What are gutter guards?

Gutter guards (leaf guards or gutter covers) are devices created to prevent debris from entering the gutter channel. They are applied over the guttering. They are created to sustain the free flow of rainwater by preventing larger debris from getting in the system.

Are Gutter Guards Worth Putting In?

Whether gutter guards are worth installing depends on the type and quality of the guards you select.
There are numerous types of gutter guards including:

  • Brush
  • Mesh
  • Micro-mesh
  • reverse-curve (surface tension guards
  • Foam
  • Helmets

Each type has advantages and issues. People are urged to search for professional guidance before installation. It's necessary to keep in mind that gutter guards are not a replacement for standard cleaning of gutters. Additionally, they complicate the cleaning procedure, adding additional time and cost to the process.


Client Reviews & testimonials

Alison T.

Finally got a day scheduled without rain. Dennis called and gave me a 1 hour heads-up that he would be arriving as promised at noon. He stayed at it for four hours and got the gutters cleaned out. Good job.

Min-Fon C.

Did a good job and was quick. Can do a little better on clean up.

Jeffrey P.

He was great. He called ahead of time let me know he was on the way. Arrived at the time he said he would and made short work of the pine needles. Let me know where they were coming from and also let me know my gutters and spouts still are in good shape I would use him again