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Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Questions

Look here for answers to the most common gutter cleaning questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

Two times a year is adequate for most places in the country unless you have a significant amount of tree coverage that causes your gutters to fill up with fall leaves or spring pollen and seeds more than normal. Additional cleaning is called for in colder areas just before winter to avoid any problems with freezing or ice dams.

What time of year should I have the gutters cleaned?

Once in the spring after pollen and seeds have fallen and again in the fall to clear away any accumulation of leaves or twigs. The last cleaning is just at the beginning of winter to make sure gutters are clear and do not cause ice dams or other problems during winter storms.

Why do they need to be cleaned?

If your gutters are clogged they cannot do their job which is to drain water away from your house so it cannot damage it. It is just like a drain in your kitchen or bath. If they are clogged they do not work and they backup causing a mess and potential damage. The same thing goes for your rain gutters and downspouts.

Just like you don't want water from a clogged drain sitting on the floor, leaking into walls, or going other places - you don't want rainwater to do the same thing to the exterior of your home - which it will if the gutters are clogged. Gutters also need to be cleaned to prevent pests like mosquitos and rodents from making a home in your gutters and to help prevent black streaks from forming on the outer surface of the gutters.

How It Works

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My gutters don't look clogged, why does water still overflow?

It is very common to have clogged downspouts (which you cannot see unless you look straight down them) that prevent water from actually leaving the gutter channels next to the roofline. This will cause them to overflow. You may also have an issue with too much water being directed to one section of your gutters because of your roof or trees above it. Your gutters may also be just too small to handle the amount of rain that happens occasionally.

Should I get gutter guards or screens installed to help keep my gutters clean?

Gutter guards and screens can actually cause more problems than they're claimed to solve. Here's why:

  1. They can prevent water from entering the gutters when debris gets stuck on top of them.
  2. They do not stop dirt or small particles from entering the gutters - which has to be cleaned at some point.
  3. They may cut down cleaning but they have to be taken off and put back on in order to clean the gutters - costing you more.
  4. You can have your gutters cleaned for 10 years for the same amount of money as some brands cost.

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What if I have to change my appointment?

Please contact customer service via the email address provided with your quote to change your appointment or other details.

Do I have to have a check for the workers?

No. You will receive an invoice by email once the job has been completed. Instructions for payment via credit card is in the email. Your payment is securely handled by a third-party processor.

What is your gutter cleaning process?

Depending on the package you have selected your gutter cleaning service may include:

  • Removing major debris from inside the gutters
  • Cleaning the downspouts
  • Cleaning roof debris away from near the gutters
  • Disbursing debris in your yard with blowers or removing it from your property
  • Checking and tightening hangers
  • Inspecting for any potential issues

Check our quote page for full details including all options.

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Quotes are free and no home appointment is required.